I’ve been sewing stories my whole life, from my early days transforming my dad’s old denim to the nuanced exploration of color and composition that I practice today. My canvas, primarily heavy linen, becomes a playground for vibrant, hand-dyed colors, carefully chosen to evoke a sense of depth and emotion. What sets my work apart is the fluid shifting between creating pieces destined to adorn walls and crafting one-of-a-kind garments that transcend traditional boundaries to resonate with the soul. 

At the heart of my process lies a commitment to slow, thoughtful craftsmanship – a deliberate, hands-on engagement that extends from the inception of an idea to the final stitch. Pattern drafting, a skill honed over time, allows me to breathe life into unique clothing with original silhouettes. Sewing becomes an art form, a heartfelt expression of warmth and groundedness, while the alchemy of the dyeing process provides a magical interaction with each yard of linen.

For me It’s an immersive journey, and I hope that in turn my work offers a rich sensory and emotional experience for the viewer or wearer. Each piece is an individual narrative, a testament to the poetic dialogue between color, shape, and texture.